Saturday, October 13, 2012

Have You Seen This Woman?!

Wonderful World Of Christie's Diary from the Lost and Want To Be Found...
hat the hell? How did this happen? No style? I'm getting told to stop dancing like that, by my girls?! Klonopin doesn't even help the the anxiety and turmoil going on and tearing up inside of me! Ugh. I'll get serious for a minute. I'm really wondering how I became this person.

I have given up so much of me by being a wife, mom, and dog mom. The last time I threw a tantrum about "me" was on our way to Nashville after leaving California and "my" house that we just bought and remodeled. ! After a few months in Nashville I decided therapy was a must, because I was crying way to much. After the hubby's one year deployment to the war, it was decided he had to go again and it was only 5 months later! Yay, me! Fuck! Crazy time came and found me.

That was the beginning of the sit down, shut up, and just go along for the ride! THAT'S WHEN IT HAPPENED! My fingers figured it out ,with all my typing! Six months of therapy this time around and I just figured out when I lost me. Blogging is Cathartic. Wow!

Off to calm the chaos down and sing to Glee .... and Dance!

Found a little piece of me tonight...XOXOXO,

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