Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthdy Sammy!!!!!

From the Diary of The Wonderful World of Christie's Happy Birthay to Sammy Richard Little, October 17, 2012!!!!!
Happy Birthday Sammy Boy! Twelve years ago today, at 8:23 AM, my boy came into my world. He was a red long sweet boy we named Thomas. That's right, Thomas. LOL. He was the sweetest little guy. After 27 hours of long long labor I was tired, but ready to just hold him for as long as the nurses would let me hold him. After a few hours, I broke it to Tom that the boy could not be named Thomas. LOL. He relented after all my trials and tribulations of childbirth (note to women a time time to really use that bargaining chip.) A few days later we came up with Samuel Richard (after my dad) Little, Sammy for short. He has the imagination and questions of a boy. I've learned more about Legos, the boy smell, climbing trees, a tick on balls, woodies at awkward moments, and the sense of humor of his mother than I ever thought I ever could glean from a little dude. Happy Birthday, My Sammy!!!!! You are so so so very loved!

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