Monday, September 29, 2008

My "Brother" Is Out!

I wanted a job to save for more of a down payment of a home when we move to So Cal. We're going to need huge down payments from here on out, with the markets the way they are. I've been looking for something to keep me busy and working while the kids are in school. I've been Mommy Trak'd...on the off ramp for a while. The market is killer. I'd be willing to for 1/2 of what I used to work for back in the day, just to get the feet wet. Well after over 50+ well written resumes I haven't received one single phone call. It was depressing. I shook it off. Hey, I could always eBay...right? I'm not sure that's what I really want to do these days. So, what is a creative girl to do? I'm choosing to BLOOM! I'm going back to business. I'm out of my slump. My creative stuff is flowing again and I'm going with one product! I've got it going and I'm going with it now! My "Brother" is out on the table waiting for me. First, I must visit Jo-Ann and get the basics!

So Excited!

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aprilbapryll said...

Good luck!!