Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite's Friday!

My Friday Favorites!
  • My babies.
  • Of course, my morning coffee.
  • My Tivo'd Grey's Anatomy....worth the complete wait!
  • Mocha snuggled next to me as I type.
  • My sisters and girlfriends! You all know who you are!
  • eBay...(even though I'm an educated woman, with a great looking resume...I am unable to get a job because I decided to stay at home with my kids. Soooo, therefore, there's a huge gap in my resume.)
  • My sense of humor. (see
  • My husband and his great job. (see two
  • Snuggle fabric softener sheets. YUMMY YUMMY!

Happy Friday Friends!

1 comment:

ThursdayNext said...

Hello, stranger! ;) How are you? I am drinking coffee directly given to me from my best friend who was just in Ethiopia! Hope you are having an amazing weekend! xoxoxoxoxxo