Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Been A LOOOOONG Time!

This has been my 14th anniversary week. Yes, I just aged myself greatly. I have no idea how 14 years passed fast. WE decided on small sentimental gifts. Something that means something. Well, we came up with a joint gift. It was going to be a visit
Color Me Mine. We're going to go together next week and do a plate together or something cute like.

My sister asked me if I was serious. LOL...She laughed at me. I told her to do 14 years and then come up with something interesting. He'll do anything for me, really EXCEPT watch a chick flick. He refuses to do that on a dvd at home. It's crazy.

Anyway, that wasn't really good enough for him. I told him no jewelry,lingerie, or clothes to see what he could come up with. He bought me the most gorgeous pen. I write in my journal everyday. I'm constantly making notes for my writing. He gave me this beautiful Waterford Crystal Pen. I love it. It's been a great week.

Happy Friday.

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Choppzs said...

That's really sweet. Guys have hard times finding sentimental gifts, but it looks like he really put some thought into it! Happy Anniversary!