Friday, May 30, 2008


I called my mom to thank her for my beautiful anniversary flowers. They were gorgeous. If you ever want to send someone something, just include some Stargazer Lillies in the bouquet. They are my all time favorite. You only need a few and your room is full of the most gorgeous fragrence. It's heavenly.

My mom started telling me about my nephew. She happened to be watching him while my sister was in school. My sweet little up to boy stuff, nephew decided to play on the grass in the backyard. He's always exploring. My mom was out there, too. This boy is in love with my parents' dogs. So, he must have decided to give them a treat. He walked to the grass and picked up the biggest piece of POOP, from their German Sheppard...TITAN. I hope that gives you some kind of idea how big the Poop was. He took the poop and put it right into Titan's water dish. Then he said, "I do it!" He was so happy he clapped for himself.

How's that for a cute toddler and dog story! Poop in the water! I Do IT!

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dakotablueeyes said...

lmao that's funny