Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Was Your Weekend....?

I started planning a vacation this weekend. Actually, I'm planning two trips. The first is an actual vacation with the family. The second is to my high school reunion. How can it be 20 years? The reunion wasn't really in the summer planning until I connected with some friends from back in the day...or as my daughter refers to "back in the 80s." Who knew the 80s would be so reviled. LOL...Our Hair! It just makes me laugh. We know how the ozone started to open up, don't we? It was like the more crusty the better.

We should all post our senior pictures tomorrow, Monday, and look at the bangs. That is for those of us that are old enough to remember "the 80s." LOL.

BTW...We were up early on Saturday and went to the Farmers' Market. When we got there it was early. All the booths were still open. There were only two booths with veggies. How can they have a Farmers' Market with only two veggie stands? They had a dog snack stand, candles, candy, pastry booth, a blue grass band (at 8am,)and only two veggies stands. Hmmmm? All I can say is that hopefully as the summer arrives they'll have more.

Anyhoo, I'm off to relax. The kids are cuddled in their beds, the hubby is doing some work, and Mocha is snuggled next to my tush(his favorite spot.)It's time for me to put a movie on and chill with my glass of wine.



Dottie said...

Aqua Net baby! LOL Can't you just smell/taste that stuff.

I was '89 and you?

I've already enjoyed my glass of wine tonight and am enjoying some quiet TV time. Enjoy yours, too!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Dottie! The Smell!!!! I can taste it, too. Permy Hair. Too Funny.

I was 88. Ugh.

I get to enjoy the 38th Bday any week now.