Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Thoughts...

A few thoughts for a Monday!

  • So many people I love in my life. Why do I worry about one?
  • Have you chosen to love the one you're with?
  • Do you fake it well? Hmmm?
  • My heart aches today.
  • Time just doesn't make it go away.
  • Do any of you get really excited when the kids are off at school and you get some quiet time? Maybe I'm just getting ready for summer time.
  • Who knew that putting a LEGO Indiana Jones building could make a 7 year old boy cuss.
  • How does an almost 2 year old decide to pick up the biggest poop from the lawn and dump it in a dog's water bowl? YUCK!
  • Is my skin that sweet that the mosquitos just flock to me?
  • Can I really be almost 38?!
  • Am I really into birthdays or am I selfish and just want birthday attention? Hmmm I just like birthdays. :)

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