Wednesday, June 04, 2008

If I Could Go On A Trip I'd Choose Ireland

The travel bug is biting again...I'm going to start planning again!

It only took one cup of coffee and listing to Here Comes The Sun to figure this one out. I want to go to Ireland. I want to see all the places I've read about in books. My mind can place me on a cliff taking in the view and the smell. Just once I want to see where Half Of Me is from. Hey I got the Irish gene good bad and crazy all rolled into one, then sprinkle in the same amount of Italian and you have Christie.

I find myself falling in love with my favorite authors who are what...Irish ladies. :) Marian Keyes is a kindred spirit. She has to be. I get her on such a level that takes me away.

There's some exploring that needs to be done. County Kerry,is where I still have family. Of course we even have a Father Paddy. :)

I just need and crave a little soul searching. Nothing wrong with a little soul reflection in life.

Until Next Time...


Choppzs said...

I want to go to Ireland too! I want to see all those hot Irish guys (like in my cheesy romance novels) and listen to their accents all day long! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

yummmm the hot guys and accents. i couldn't put it better!

Wethyb said...

I'm with Sissy....there's just something about those accents just get the blood boiling!

Dottie said...

add me to the hot Irishmen and their accents. :) I would love to see the countryside that I have only been able to read about, too.