Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I've Come To A Decision!

Alright, a final monumental decision has been made. I am going to embark on the whole podcast idea I've been toying with. It's the perfect time, considering I'm hitting an anniversary of sorts. I woke up this morning with so many questions that I figured the path was in front of me.

I write about everything. I mean everything. I even get paid for it sometimes. I know, imagine that. The thing is that I need more. I want more. The need to just let the mouth go further and faster than the fingers ever can. I have thoughts and ideas on so many topics. This past week I've been piecing together scripts, topics, ideas, crazy ideas, and have come up with some sort of semblance of a program.

It took a few cups of coffee, a pop tart, and a diet cook around noon to figure out that podcasting is what I need to be doing. I may have a total of 5 listeners (relatives minus my mom because I know she'll never figure out how it works,) but I'll be developing something that's mine! Woohoo!

My list of things to do today is huge. I had a horrible experience at church a few weekends ago and it's become apparent that it's time to move on to somewhere else. Huge decision. Ugh. Another story for another day. Let's see what else...hmmmmm....I need a mani and a pedi, along with some seriously cute sandals.

Ok, I'm missing an old friend today. I've connected with one long lost friend and let me tell you...I wish I could with the other. It won't happen, but hey...the dreams sure are nice.

Happy Tuesday...It feels like Thursday....

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