Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today's the day. Let's all get out there and VOTE!

Go on you guys..get out there and let's change this country! I'm tired of the status quo...so I voted! There!


That hole has been creeping around here again. You'd think I'd find some repel equiptment for those trips in that never ending deep drop.

Don't know where to VOTE...then CLICK HERE! It's a great site to look for the measures on your ballot in your area.
  • Call a friend...go together. Get coffee after.
  • Call your mom, dad, sisters...remind them!
  • If you know people not registered, then we need to get these people registered for next time.
  • If you're not registered...ugh! We'll get you registered, too. It's soooo easy.


Jewl said...

I am nervous about today's election but probably not in the same way you are! LOL

ThoughtsGalore said...

LOL! You're so funny. You're worried and I'm excited.

bart said...

i'm glad you've voted... the issues at stake are so large, convoluted and disturbing, i don't envy the discerning u.s. citizen to be perfectly honest...

keep well... ;-)

Dottie said...

I voted and took my 14 y/o DD with me so that she could experience the process.

I'm wondering if the Dixie Chicks in your side bar is coincidence to election day? LOL

If you find a deal on that repelling equipment let me know, I've got a rather large hole that looms, too.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Oh baby..it's sooooo not a coincidence! LOL.