Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Monday...

Well I have a new camera and obviously I need to figure out the lighting. I admit they are pretty lousy, but I'm trying. They were taken during the sunset, so my pics might not be thaaaat bad.

NO CLUE ABOUT THE She did say PEACE. LOL. My girl, who informed her father ( a marine) and me that she was indeed a pacifist. Well, ok then.

My Baby Mocha. We call him Moochs, too. Soooo cute, don't you think?

Ava earned her little soccer girl trophy. We'll be doing spring soccer, because she loved it so much.

What a dreary raining weekend. We lost power for 5 hours yesterday. Go figure. LOL. I don't remember losing power like this in Cali, during my entire life. CRAZY! book. I've just finished
Running With Scissors, by Augusten Burroughs. Quite say the least. I am not one to be offended or taken back easily. This book was a difficult read. I'm sure it was the molestation aspect of it that left me sick, but it was more the way it was written. It's a memoir. It happened. The mental illness, the craziness, the lunatics, "love affair"...or lack of love. I guess it just took me in a direction that I wasn't even prepared to go down.

Ok..on that bright note...I'm back to my coffee.


Cat said...

the fingers seem to be a universal teen, preteen thing. if you look through MYSPACE, they all do it!! LOL

love the pics!

Take care

ThoughtsGalore said...

You know I did a myspace spot just to keep up on all of

dakotablueeyes said...

OMG Ava's twin lives down the road from us. lol Seriously in that picture she looks the world like the little girl down the road.