Friday, February 26, 2010

Pulling A Christie...Again.

Do today I pulled a Christie. I dropped the kids off at the bus and as it pulled away I noticed a yard sale. I never stop, but I saw TVs! Kelsey wanted to go get one this weekend, with all her saved up money. In my brilliance, well not so brilliance, I thought I should just pick her up the one for sale! As the mommy I figured she want to use her saved up money for clothes!

Here's where I pulled the Christie. It wasn't a flat screen, but I thought it would work anyway. Hmmmm, it wasn't such a bright idea. LOL. I can't even get the damn thing hooked up to the TIVO/DVR, because I can't figure out where the input 1 or even input 2 is on the screen. UGH! What a bust! I tried.

Can anyone guess what we're going to be doing tomorrow? LOL..Yes, my smart friends, we will be at Costco or Target getting a flat screen. She'll use her money and she'll be happy. I'll be happy. We'll all be happy.

Hmmmmmm....I wonder if I can find a coupon for the new TV. I think there just might be one for Costco and I think that TV has a DVD player on the side of the panel.

Wishing you all a Happy Friday Night and Saturday!

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