Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bitch and Whine.

So last night I was was feeling like a failure as a mom. Do you guys have those days, too. It just seemed like every time I turned around there was one child yelling, another child melting down with 5th grade math, and finally a less than fantastic report card brought home by another child. Deep breath.

When did 5th grade math get so hard? It was hard or I just have had my brain cells die at a rapid rate over the years. I mean fractions shouldn't be that hard for me. I just wish there would be some sort of example sent home so I could figure out the homework. LOL..yeah I wasn't so lucky. Seriously...no example? There never are any examples. Maybe they figure that the moms and dads should already know fractions. Ugh! That all ended in a meltdown. I did figure it out, eventually, with the help of Google. LOL.

My boy is trying his hardest with school. It just takes quite a bit of mommy help. He's getting back to normal. Third grade is a tough transition when you go from one state to another. For anyone interested, Florida schools leave much to be desired. The poorly written textbooks make learning difficult for the kids. This is when you can really see budget cuts' effects. So ready to leave Florida.

And finally...all the hormonal activity in this house are killing me at times. LOL! I need the doctor to figure out what's going on with my body. The hormones in me and the girls just make for a crazy little house! LOL. Ok..only at times. Life is good, but once I figure out why it is I'm out of balance then I'm sure I'll feel better.

So, I'm not a failure...ok. I'll go with frustrated. Sigh. A nice little vent seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. My bitch and whine session is complete and so am I. :)

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