Monday, November 02, 2009

Weekend Recap!

Do you want to know how good I am? I made pancakes for the kids this morning..and they weren't the toaster kind! :) Yep..that good. Oh and I even flat ironed Ava's hair, made three different lunches...and dropped them all off. :)

"Because cereal is boring Mommy!"

Halloween was delightfully exciting. There were so many kids in the neighborhood. We came from a neighborhood in Virginia with so few kids out on Halloween (it's a little different in the south.) This was a nice change. The pumpkins were carved and a little gooshy for wear, but carved and with lights bekoning the gremlins and goblins.

Before going out, though, they spent the day swimming in the 100 degree weather!

My little Darth and Devil were out among the others. We went street after street until dripping with sweat they asked to finally go home! It was them..not me...who ended it! That's always a super plus. I hope you had fun and if there weren't kids I hope you dressed and got in touch with that crazy side you sometimes hide inside!
:) :) :)

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