Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Week.

There was excitement, anxiety, and coocoo for cocoa puff kids! Oh, and let me not forget the "Cold Front" that came down from the north this weekend. :) We started the week with a Hot Hot Hot 96 and ended it with 68! Loved it! The kids had a busy school week, which in turn meant I had a busy school week. By the end of the week I was fried. I quickly perked up when my boy had his big huge 9th birthday. I can't believe it's been 9 years. He's hit a little bit of a rough patch with the move, but you know...he's going to be just fine. There must have been something in the air today because the house was a little bit of a nut house! LOL. When it's just the mommy, they just bring it up a few notches and push me to the limit. Yep...I was pushed to the limit and here back down relaxing in the quiet.

Here's my new motto. It takes one day at a time to be a good mommy. It's tough. Everything weighs heavy on our shoulders and hearts. Ok, well it weighs on mine. Going through another deployment, though not a super long one, is really hitting hard this time. So instead of worry about how the math tests will go next Friday or if my chapter of my book will come together by Tuesday, I'm going to just get through today. I know it's a twelve step motto, but heck I'll need it for the next 12years for sure. :)

Here are a few quick things:
*I'm blogging for me. Comment or Lurk if you want to, but know that I'm fully aware of the fluff factor.

*Skype is incredible.

*Dressing up is good for the soul.

*Grown up time is necessary.

*I've written quite a bit this week while listening to John Mayer and David Gray.

*My iPod is a necessity.

Have a good night friends...

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