Monday, October 12, 2009

Back To Writing....

I haven't blogged in forever. I realize I've started a few of my blogs like that lately, but I've missed writing. We're in Florida and getting used to it. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Virginia! Florida schools are nothing like the district we lived in while we were in Virginia. I'm sure by the next time we move I'll be missing Florida. :)

The very soon to be Lt. Colonel is deployed with his Marines. It just seems every single time he is off in the middle east the kids seem to melt down a little. This time, though, it's just a strep/chronic tonsillitis with A. I'm hoping that K's kidney keeps nice and healthy. Since we've been here, I've yet to find a urologist or a nephrologist for her. As she gets older she has different needs. She's a teenager now and it's more difficult than just choosing a "good" doctor. . You'd be amazed at how many doctor's we've gone to with a God Complex. From Preemie to a Teen she's had many doctors, surgeries, and appointments. I have to search for a better fit than the first referral. Life is good these days for K. She's been so healthy and happy. Who knew time would fly so fast. She's already gone to her first Homecoming Dance this past weekend.

So, after Homecoming for K, a deployment, and strep with A... we get a birthday party this week , too! Sammy is ready for his party! He wants a pool party and I'm ready for it! LOL..It is Florida and it was 94 today. It should be beautiful this weekend.

I may have something more profound to say tomorrow. :) Then again it could be total fluff.

Off to enjoy the night.

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