Friday, November 27, 2009

Dark Cloud....

When is enough, enough in life?

I mean, do you invite guests to stay way beyond a tolerable amount of time? Do you throw chaos into your life and wake up at 3AM to make it a 4AM sale so you can spend spend spend? Do you love yourself or let yourself just go to pushish the parts you despise?

It was so much fun cooking Turkey and all the dishes that went along with our fabulous dinner, with the kids. They couldn't wait to eat what they made. I know my girls and even boy will be making some of our recipes when they are older. :)

When dinner was finished I just thought the night would be quiet and we'd be recovering from the eating. Well, of course there was the dark cloud. I can handle rainy, white puffy cold clouds, the occassional storm, and even the a lightening strike. The darkness of that's just too much these days.

I'm on a new path. I will discover the why and when. It may not be tomorrow..but I want answers. It took years to feeling this good and in control of me. No more knots in the stomach.

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