Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hugh In The Afternoon....!

Today it's only slight cloudy. Nothing dark looms overhead, but the day is young. :) I am looking to the positive, though. It's cold and gloomy outside. I'm inside with my little ladies and we're snuggled under blankets and watching a chick flick. It's perfect. The boys are shopping. We're soaking it up while we can, because as anyone in the realm of my world knows...tomorrow is FOOTBALL SUNDAY! LOL. We'll soak up our time while we can.

To be precise we're soaking up Hugh Grant. LOL. He just has a way of brightening up any gloomy cold Saturday. :)

My sweet neighbor, who is in her 80s, 4'8", and is the sweetest little lady lady you'd ever meet brought us a little flan and flowers this morning. She brought it thanking us for our cookies and crafts from Thanksgiving. She's so sweet.

Ok, off to soak up our Hugh.


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