Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speeding Through..

As my birthday quickly approaches I'm reminded of the younger version of me. I haven't always been married with three kids, a dog, and a minivan. There so much of me better in my thirties and yet the carefree easy me of my 20's is still so wanted from time to time. I'm not living in the past, just coming to terms with the me of now and the possible melding of the two.

When did the 4 o'clock coffee time become a necessary ritual in my day? When did I daydream about the boob lift that could magically make the boobies smaller higher and show me the skin on my ribcage that has been covered for years. LOL. Have you ever weighed your boobs on a food scale to see how much your weight you could blame on the boobies? I have.

I do love the the more technical savvy me, the fact that I don't have crows feet around my eyes is pretty cool, the patience is pretty easy for me, and how I see myself in my children is worth it all. So, there has to be give an take in my mind. Ok..I won't overthink it today. No over thinking necessary. Maybe I am getting better with age, but could it just come on a little slower..:)?


Choppzs said...

I want a boob job too! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

just a little lift would be nice. You know? The nipples could point higher and I'd be thrilled. LOL.

Dottie said...

Birthdays do seem to be coming a little more quickly as the years go by. I can honestly say that I have never put my boobs on a scale though. LOL You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

I'm okay on my boobs, but I might think about a tummy tuck after I stop having kids. How else do you get that pooch to go away? I've lost weight and it just drops lower because there's no fat holding it up.

Sorry, was that gross? :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

NO more gross than me weighing my boobies. LOL.

Dottie I miss you.

Heather..I can't leave you a comment.