Saturday, May 16, 2009

All Over The Place!

Here's my little buddy. This picture was taken last week with him on the table after I got home from running some errands. It happened again this week. My poor little buy just nudged his way up looking for something yummy on the table. :) Little did he know the mommy was going to a field trip with the boy! LOL!

I wonder if he got up as soon as I left or if he waited an hour? He just has the cutest little whine when I walk in the door. Happy Saturday. I'm having a yummy diet coke right now and the girls are getting ready for "Jonas." Does anyone else think it's very Monkeys(esque?) Crazy!

It's been a pretty low key Saturday. A haircut for the boy, little errands, and cleaning is what's been making up the day. know. Hope yours is great!

Dreams Dreams Dreams....they've been taking me to places I could only have imagined! Another...Crazy!

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