Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jenny McCarthy!

Edit 12:36: I did a little editing. UGH! I didn't realize how horribly my post was missing words.

Another few interesting things happened in the life of me. I'm convinced, my friends, that my children have my sense of humor and my mother's temper. Yep, my mother's, not mine. I'm so with holding my feelings inside, but they are not like me. Sweet, loving, um in love with me, and still tiny little tempers.They just crack me up on a daily basis, even when I feel like I'm losing it. That being said, let's move on to what my husband and my children are planning while he is deployed.

"Hey hunny I've been thinking about your hair. So I think you should splurge and get a makeover! So, I emailed you a picture of a nice "blunt" cut and color!"

Ummmmm Jenny McCarthy! She's one hot Mama! Ummm does he know who I am? I'm not
Jenny McCarthy, ok I'm funny, but not Jenny hot! LOL. Kasey and I are convinced it's quite the gay husbandly thing to do, thinking about my hair and finding a "look" for me. LOL. He insists that a "sleek blunt cut" is the way to go. No more flipping of ends! Well, ok then...I'll see what I can do. This girl isn't going to say no to a spa day! Ever! :) So jenny, let's see how blond this mama can get and still look good. I'm fighting that next birthday with alll my might

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