Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Is It With Target....?

Target! That store just reels me in and before I know it I'm in trouble. At least I have the ability to put things back as I go. Being an anti-clutter kind of girl I steer clear of little things. I search out the goodies. I like the closet organization sections. Hangers buy the dozen. I especially love their aroma therapy cleaning aisle. If you need something to clean your house with, then Target has anything and everything you need. I love that aisle and all their Clorox gear! Love it! Lame...I know. Sooo lame. Today I needed socks for the kids (because they just vanish,) a few tops for the little ones (it's getting cold,) clear duct tape, lavender twin sheets for a project in the girls' room, and a glue gun. I got everything except the glue gun. I couldn't find a glue gun! Ok...then I dropped a few things in the cart that I've had my eyes on and they were totally on clearance! So, when all is said and done I was successful and didn't spend too much. I wish you fun and thriftiness on your Target trip!

The kids are doing homework and I'm having a little DC on ice. So cosmopolitan with my drink of choice tonight. I know. I'm off to relax. TTFN.



Choppzs said...

I love Target too, but good thing the closest one is 30 mins away! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

Ok...when you live out in the hot cali desert/ish place I'm surprised it's only 30 min. away. You know it makes me think twice since I have to get on the freeway. I can't post on your site! xoxo