Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tooth Fairy Forgets ..... Again!

Do you like being jolted awake in the morning? Me, too.

Did the Tooth Fairy remember to come last night?

Shit! ( I jump out of bed..run to the purse downstairs...peek to make sure loser of tooth is still asleep. She's awake.)

Mommy...(She's freaking out.) I don't think the Tooth Fairy remembered me!

She didn't I'll help you look! (I jump on the bed and hide the money between the pillows and it falls onto her lap.)

Wow!!!!! Five Dollars!!!!!

What a rip..(Oldest daughter)...she owes me back money for my teeth.

Inflation. (I add...throwing her the she's not helping look)

At least I could always find my money without mommy helping! (She knew I forgot.)

Another lovely quiet morning in the land of my little ladies...lol.


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