Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They're Back To School...!!!!!!!

Thank God! We did have a fabulous vacation. I had guests and kids here for almost 2 weeks. Wow! Fun filled times and tons kid time. :) Need I say more...lol.

It was fun. I feel rejuvinated. After the snow on Saturday it's finally sunny again. Much needed. So, after the kids got on the bus today (Tuesday...they went back today on Tuesday...totally clueless, but I'm sure they wanted the sugar high from Easter gone before the kids headed back to school..lol) I just waved bye, sipped coffee, and smiled.

So here's a little montage....

We went to vacation and....
The boy turned into the Red PowerRanger to do self portraits with the camera every single day.

At the aquarium the kids did some amazing posing between fighting for the dolphin seat.

The girly loved the fake submarine. It was probably because of her new clothes she talked me into...love the "baby doll top." Oh my.


The Kept Woman said...

Congrats on making it through spring break! Looks like you guys had fun though!

ThoughtsGalore said...

TKW..So much fun! They get older and they're little people. We can go to movies, aquariums, and it's just fun.
However...Woohoo They're back to school!

Cat said...

Great pictures!!! Glad you are back from Vacation. Missed you!
I am enjoying the peace and quiet of my house today also!

Choppzs said...

Thank God Spring break is over!!! lol

We went up to Longshadow Ranch, and Southcoast Wineries!! We are about to make another trip and visit a few more. POssibly without the kids!!! lol We got some wonderful ports, Merlots, and some wonderfully sweet musquets!! Yum!

Oh and I didn't see me on your blogroll??? :( lol