Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Boom Chicka Bow Bow Humm to yourself.
Hubby goes to Urologist for chronic "twin" paint. Yep it's a horible side effect of the infamous Vasectomy or better known as the "snip snip" in our house.

Ok so after a million tests the doctor finally says:

You have a few options.

1 Deal with the chronic pain for the rest of your life.
2 Have the one twin removed and replaced with a silicone ball. You'll never know the difference.
3 Reattach the tube and have a fully working system again. (hence baby making ability.)

4 Just have sex all the time as a form of therapy because you have some strong swimmers!

That's right my friends my hubby's doctor told him that it's perfectly normal for daily sex/relief because he has such strong swimmers (yep i know 3 kids without any planning.)

Hmmmmmm....lucky lucky me. I told him I soooooo get something out of all of this. So what does he do? HE ORDERS THE PLAYBOY CHANNEL! That's right PB Channel is the ultimate foreplay for a man, I GUESS. He says it's the best $15 a month he can imagine spending.

Thanks Mr. Urologist. The joy and pleasure you've brought to my life. Ugh. LOL. I love sex, but fuck me already!

So, I come down this morning and get the kids off to school. I sit down for the yummy coffee/Today show ritual. I click on my Tivo, because it's always tivo'd and what do I see. .....FWI it's the raunchiest show on PBTV.

I sure hope the kids didn't click on it instead of Curious George! HOLY CRAP! Ok, I'm laughing but seriously..LOL. I just don't think men have a clue, or maybe it's just mine. :)


Cat said...

LOL okay before hubbys accident, this was my hubby!!! LOL
pain medication put him on low speed.


Choppzs said...

No, it's not just your man, it's every man! Mine doesn't need a doctor to tell him, he does that shit all on his own!! Drives me Fricken INSANE!! lol I'd make sure those play lists are deleted or those channels have parental controls so your little ones don't start watching!! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

Oh yeah I have fixed the parental controls. LOL. He's just too funny. I'm so glad it's not just mine!

Dottie said...

LOL! Thanks a lot Doc, huh? I hope DH never hears of that one, he'll develop post Vas. pain for sure! YIKES!

I totally agree with you, Baldwin is an ass.

ThursdayNext said...

Hi Christie! This post made me giggle...except for the Alec Baldwin part. Kudos to Kim for showing us what a jerk he is!

Wethyb said...

I'm sure my hubby would love to have that doctor tell him that. I'd be like "gee thanks a lot" :D And, oops, to the PB being on your playlist. It's not just your man that doesn't have a clue :)