Friday, April 27, 2007

SPF Fridge and the mini-me!

I can't believe SPF has been around for two years?! Have we been hanging around sharing every embarassing detail of our lives for that long???? Hmmm At Least!

I cheated on this one. My kids are totally into Self-Portraits! Everytime I pick up my camera I'm bound to find a few on the camera. So here's the young girl's SP and the fridge (found last week!)

Enjoy the weekend!
Enjoy your kids!
Enjoy the Sun!
Watch a good movie!
Work on a good project!

That's what I'll be doing this weekend. Go for it...try a few yourself!


tommiea said...

my first visit here ....cute SPF....I played as well.

dakotablueeyes said...

I am so not showing the inside of my fridge until its full of food lol

Cat said...

there is a fridge there? Hmm I was just noticing the mini you!!! LOL
she is adorable!

Anonymous said...

okay christie, i've emailed you a few times... several over the last few months and especially the last two weeks or so since i wrote you here... and haven't heard back so i'm not sure if you're bummed at me or not getting them. and i can't get here from work and am NEVER home (50 hours a week and 4 kids, sports and laundry at night... gone most weekends... life is kinda suckin). i'll try to get back to your blog tomorrow night to figure this all out. i'd really like to find a way to keep up and am thinking you must be blocked on our firewall at work (happens a lot with yahoo and hotmail... bummer).

hugs. sorry about the strong swimmers. please don't pass this info on to my hubbers. though i wouldn't mind the getting f*cked part. miss that. :P

xoxo l.

Anonymous said...

okay, i should have put that two posts down. sorry. :) cute piccie of the doll babe (didn't see her name there so i won't mention it...). my kids have been playing with my camera too a lot lately. interesting stuff. weird kids. mine that is... :)


ThoughtsGalore said...

Ok I HAVEN"T GOTTEN ANYTHING!!!!!! I sent you one too. put your email in here we'll work that way. I'm going to look through my bulk mail! I miss you babe!!!!!

ThoughtsGalore said... were right. It was burried in my bulk mail.

I emailed you back and will write more in the morning.