Thursday, March 08, 2007

"You're Too Old For John Mayer!" WTF?

Here's a conversation I had with the hubby over the weekend.

Me: Hunny John Mayer is coming in concert in July!

Daughter 1: Oh mommy he neeeeed to go.

Me: Hmmm, hunny that's what you could give me for my birthday. Tickets to John Mayer.

Hubby: Yeah Right. Aren't you a little old for John Mayer?

WTF?! I know he was half kidding, but it was half kidding! He half mean't it!!! Ok, so what would be an ok, "Mommy/Wife/36 year-old" worthy concert?!

Oh I know...Hootie would be fine. I'm already laughed at by my kids and sisters for loving them. Hmmm...oh and any of his crap hard stuff..i'm sure.

He just made the next birthday just a little more exciting...sigh.

LOL...oh but just for the record I'm not too old to try all the positional/toy stuff that he comes up with. LOL..!!!!! know what I'm talking about.

That's my aging topic for the day.

Oh and yes...I'm SOOOOOOOO going to see John Mayer!


Jewl said...

If you are old than I am old and I am not old damn it!! Send me a request from your Myspace and I will approve ya!

Cat said...

woohoo! John mayer will be awesome to see. I am seeing Chris Daughtry! LOL

have a great birthday!

The Kept Woman said...

It was at a DMB concert that I realized I was old...the tiny mini-jean skirts, the pot...what the hell happened? When did I get old?!?!

I feel for you sister!

Wethyb said...

Damn straight you better be going to see John Mayer!!! And what's wrong with Hootie?? I like them too :D

ThoughtsGalore said...

That's why I love you girls...

Raisa said...

Great work.