Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back From The Dead!

My friends I'm back from the dead. I had the most horrendous flu/upper respitory infection. Holy Crap! It's been horrible. I hope none of you..especially the Mommies with little ones...even get a touch of this.

It started a few weeks ago with a tingle in the throat, then moved to horrible throat pain with this crackly cough, and finally to me knocked on my ass in bed. Then when I thought I was better...boom...knocked out again.

The Zithromax worked at first, but then it was back. Sooooooo....I have posted what has been my saving graces.

You'll notice the Zicam. It's not the zicam with just zinc. This stuff comes on a spoon in a hunny consistency and you stir it into a drink. OMG! It totally works. I wish I had this crap 2 weeks ago. It comes in day and night formula. I finally slept a few night ago for the first time in weeks, without coughing up my lungs.

Next, you'll notice the Germ X. Yep...I might buy stock in this company. Use it and use a ton of it. Enough Said and self explanatory.

Finally Jack. When all else fails and the coughing won't stop and you need a break. When you want some sleep and a little relaxing from all the shit going on a round you...just pour some and take it straight. warms the throat and the soul...:)

Oh and let's not forget the TRAMPOLINE! My kids have lived out there. Thank God for that! It offers of this mommy plenty of non kid arguing time. VERY VERY NICE.



Choppzs said...

I was starting to wonder about you! Glad you are finally feeling a little better, and I sure hope I don't get it! lol

Lucky Lum said...

oh girl, I know!
I got the flu a month ago and it was horrible!! sure slept a lot though.

love that you have included the Jack!! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

Choppz..thanks for wondering. I was out of it..totally!

Lummy..Of course the

Cat said...

Wow, you were a sick thing. Glad you are doing better! that bottle looks a little low there, better get more just in case!!! lol

Take care!