Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pulling A Christie

I pulled a few Christie's this week.

First of all, I washed an entire load of laudry with a ball point pen in it. The washer isn't the bad's the dreaded dryer! How many times will I miss a pen in my hubby's clothes?!!! He has this spot where he puts them in his cammies. Dumb Dumb Dumbass..LOL! Note to self: Always go through his clothes no matter how icky they might be mixed in with his workout smelly clothes!

Next...I was so excited to go to my boy's patriotic program. He was so excited! He's been singing me the songs and saying his lines. He had a little solo. Ok I get there and pull out the camera...I DIDN'T have the camcorder charged!!!!!!!! UGH! It was sickening. Totally sick. I did get a little on tape, but not his sweet solo. Ugh! Ok, there will be more programs. Dumbass, once again.

Finally...I just cranked up the air conditioner to get a nice cool breeze in the house! Heavenly!

So, friends go have a nice drink...kick back and think of the summer. This song totally takes me there.


dakotablueeyes said...

Oh NO, I make everyone empty their own pockets but occasionaly I find a dollar bill lol

Choppzs said...

I washed so many cammies with pens in them it isn't even funny. My dryer is permenantely purple now!! lol

Jewl said...

We had the air on too but now we have the heater back on!
I had done the same thing with the cammies and the pen... add in a wallet too! :)