Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday's Things To Do

The snow is falling outside, the fireplace is crackling...and I'm trying to figure YouTube out. I'm wishing we had sun, pretty blue ocean...and an island to hop to right now. How good does that sound? I'm ready to plan a vacation right this second.

List of things to do today..
1. Pick Up Happy Pills. (They're
2. Go to Starbucks for Sugar Free DOlce Latte ( THEY WERE OUT OF THEM..How?)
3. Two loads of laundry. (Sooo not there yet, but let's not forget that's my job since I "don't" work.)
4. Vacuum wood floors.
5. STAY AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS!!!!! (They're just so f-ing good and they're calling my name. "Christie...come eat me. Chocolate will help those cramps go away..)

That my friends is about all I have.


Jewl said...

Yummmm, chocolate and salt mixed together!
You are a woman after my heart! :)

Cat said...

Girl, I need some of those happy pills.

and mmm the chocolate pretszels sounds awesome. you can send them my way. LOL

Choppzs said...

I am in such envy. I so want to be where you are. Snow, nice warm fire, pretzels!! lol I miss the East coast!

Oh and my food talks to me all the time. And I wonder why I need to lose weight! lol