Monday, August 28, 2006

School clothes and a Glimpse!

Mama's a little glimpse at the living room and one of the doors to the sunroom. I know I know..I've sucked with the pictures lately. I think it's because I HATE my camera.

Here, my friends, are just a couple of pictures of the girls. You will notice thier "Stylish" ensembles. Yes, those are leggings under the skirt. It's what they're wearing. LOL. They gave me a full on fashion show, but I couldn't take pics of all the outfits. If I did...then I'd have to hear all the different combinations they could do with all their clothes. OH MY! The mini me girlies.
School isn't until the 5th. ONE MORE WEEK! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!


dakotablueeyes said...

those are cute outfits

Jewl said...

They are so cute and very stylish!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Thanks you guys. They are soooo cute. LOL..the memories that those leggings bring back. LOL!

The Kept Woman said... bought them the legging things?


Cute living room though, love the floors!

Peanutt said...

Oh, those leggings are soooooo 80s!!!!!