Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Here Comes The Sun....
Porch View
My Swing (Can you seee it?)

Same View From The Dining Room....Sweet isn't it?

Due to my Mama D comments..lol. As much as I'd like her to come and take a peek for herself..I guess I'll just post a few a day. I'm completely moved in to the house. I love it here. The house needs some decorating. It needs color! You'll notice all the white. The funny thing is that in person the white has character. All the paned windows fabulous old molding around the doors. The wood floors have been kept up with each family. I'm sure they've been redone a few times, but the original wood is here.

We have the ocean on one side...ok actually the York River...but we're right next to it feeding into the Atlantic. Yorktown is where the American Revolution was won. It's an amazing little spot where an amazing piece of History took place. Across that river in the pictures, is where Cornwallis took his stand against Washington. I live where Washington and his army won the last battle of the war. Just a little piece of info for you all. If I got any of that wrong my teachers out there will let me know..I'm sure. :)
Dining Room (Decorating to be done...)
Living Room

Golf View from that window in the living room. Look beyond that first tree line. :) Golf view.


The Kept Woman said...

Love it.

The floors look like they'd be all creaky and worn in. I love that sound.

The Kept Woman said...

Oh, and thank you for finally succumbing to my whining and pestering for the pictures.

ThoughtsGalore said...

They're soooo worn in! Ok...and back to the leggings in the pick below. She soooooo worked me! Finally I just gave in and bought only ONE pair in black! That skirt is so cute, though!

The floors are really worn and creaky in certain spots. I love them, too. Wow...look at how you posted twice!

dakotablueeyes said...

Love your house and your swing

ThoughtsGalore said...

Coffee on my swing with me anytime blueeyes...:)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

It looks fantastic! Really has character and the views are so relaxing and peaceful looking.

Thanks for sharing!