Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday thoughts....

  • Kids are ready to go back to school Sept 5th!!!!!!! Wooo hoooo!
  • Soccer starts on Monday. One has practice M&W and the other T&Th. Games are on Saturday. LOL. Busy Busy.
  • The oldest is doing Swim Team Development. That's right ...more.
  • Quick thought...I did girl scouts (free) and was happy. Hmmm wait, no,my mom had me in Acting classes in LA, repatory theatre at South Coast, and ok they were busy WOW...I forgot all of that.
  • I'm completely and totally unpacked.
  • As I watch "What Not To Wear" I'm thinking how totally frumpy I am these days. Oh and the few little pieces of gray hair...suck! I need a serious colorist!
  • I need some friends here or I'm going to go out of my fucking mind in solitude. LOL.
  • Anything else...hmmm....oh yes...How do I find another Dr. Calm?!
  • Oh and take a look at my baby Mocha. He looks nothing like my fluffy baby. Let's just say I will be finding another groomer. He's been traumatized...LOL. Poor Mochs.


jlybn123 said...

Talk about busy! LOL You're making me too tired!

Just saw the pics of the's bu-te-ful! Congrats, honey!!!

Wethyb said...

What a cute puppy dog!!!!

You are busy! Dang!

ThoughtsGalore said...

See what you guys have to look forward to when the little ones get older. :)

Dottie said...

I hear you on the busy! Volleyball has started, soccer is starting (Morgan plays on two teams) and school has begun...Fire up the ole minivan! LOL Poor Mocha, he still looks cute though!

ThoughtsGalore said...

you should see him when he prances...quite the little regal puppy.

Oh yeah..the minivan is getting new tires just to be

Cat said...

your one busy lady! wish my boys were into sports more. lol

Glad you are all settled in, where is it you moved to again? I forgot.

Take care

Peanutt said...

Very cute house! Nice n' big. Like a country princess you are!!! Poor puppy!!! LOL, too cute! Good to hear that your up and doing well! Miss you!