Friday, June 16, 2006

Trim Trim and more Trim

I've got the painting going. The hubby did all the high vaulted spots. All I have to really do is clean up his mess with the trim of the base boards. Then to do a thorough cleaning. The rooms are in really good shape...just maybe a little "Staging."

LOL...I love the word Staging. Getting ready for selling. Love it!

The "Mommy Can I Help," factor is in full gear. I just have to find little things for them to do. Little Ava cleaned out the fridge and did a fabulous job of it! Kelsey cleaned out the cabinets. Soooooo we're making progress.

TTFN....Thinking of you guys!


ThursdayNext said...

There is a cool show on TLC (at least I think that is the channel) that gets homes ready to sell! Its so cool to see! Anyway, hope you are taking plenty of coffee breaks. :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

That's one of my favorites "Sell This House!" LOL. The painting is done. Woohoo! I just need to do some shower curtains to dress up the bathrooms. Not sure the girly girl with a touch of boy stuff will look the part!

I went to target for some new rugs for the kitchen and bathrooms, along with the shower curtains and I came out with everything but I love that store.

Anyhoo I feel much better now that things are getting put together and looking good. I love my house, even before the touchups, but this just ties up all the loose ends.

Paul said...



Some friends of mine just "staged" their house. Which included putting their dog in a kennel, taking friends furniture and putting it in their house and not living in the house while they were selling it.

Basically, lying.

ThoughtsGalore said...

That just cracks me up! I have it all arranged for the pups to go to Doggie Day Care on a moment's!

Ok so call me a At least we think the pot smell is gone from the bonus room, from the former owners!


LizzieDaisy said...

Okay, this is so weird but last night I helped my sister in law move some stuff out of her house and I made her a webby for her house. I'll send you a link. Thinking I'm leaning toward that market in web design. More fun... homes and such. Might even get my Realtor's license. We'll talk. :)