Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Here's my sister at her wedding on the Gondollas in Cali. Isn't she gorgeous. You can see Ava in one of the pics, too. It was just a beautiful day. You can see little Jacob in the belly. :)

Well my sister told me tonight about how it's going to be with the new baby Jacob, who's about ready to arrive.

She told me:

1. Her baby will not have a Binky.
2. Her baby will not touch a bottle AT ALL until he is 4 weeks.
3. There will be no breast pumping for the first 4 weeks.
4. Her "Lactation Consultant" has given her all the info she needs.

However she told me she's not that much of a hippy because she's not using cloth diapers. Well, thank God for that!!!!!

I Love You my baby Mellie. I hope this works for you. LOL...but baby...sometimes things just aren't that easy. I guess I get a little upset, because we are led to believe that breastfeeeding is sooooo easy. I don't know one person who's had it be a breeze. God Bless You...if any of you reading this had a "natural experience." It's just not that easy for so many women. I pumped..pumped...cried...cracked..hurt..and did it. I'm sure she'll be fine. I know you will hunny! It's just ok if you have to give up on one of your rules. LOL. :)

So, Melanie if it doesn't go totally as planned...I'm here for you sweetie. Those binkies are life savers hunny! I'll make sure I get you a nice stash for that night when Jacob is needing a little soothing. Ooooooh just remember you were a thumb there's always that! :)

I love you!


Jewl said...

Your sister looks beautiful!!

LOL I had ALLOT of preconceived notions too when I was pregnant.... they all went out the window within the first five minutes of being a mother!
I love listening to first time mothers... or first time pregnant women. Being that I had allot of ideas myself it makes me laugh... Not to offend your sister in anyway but it is funny how quickly things change in the "real world"
Good luck to your sister I hope she has an easy deliverly and has everything she hopes for.

Anonymous said...

I said that I wasn't going to start bottle feeding until 4 weeks, I also said that I was going to start pumping and storing at 2 I love how you interpret things you hear. I know it's not going to be easy, but i'm going to try a be persistant. :P
That was a beautiful day wasn't it ;)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Thanks for the great laugh when I ready this blog!

ThoughtsGalore said...

xoxo0606bOh hunny! I love you too. I'm especially glad I make you laugh! :)

Lucky Lum said...

I'm laughing.
I entered motherhood with "rules" myself...
and now I've thrown them all out!!
You do what you gotta do.

p.s. Your sister is beautiful!

ThoughtsGalore said...

She looked so gorgeous on her wedding day. We were on gondolas in the in the bay...two of them. We were on one and some of the other family on another one. Then we had more people a the reception.

She was beautiful. Her little tummy looked so goregous in her dress. It was a great day.

LizzieDaisy said...

None of my kids would use a binky or a bottle (not of my doing, trust me) until the girl (4th) and that was cause she was a premiee and they shoved it down her throat in the hospital. She didn't use it at home unless we held it there while we made a bottle (only one not breastfed). Also never pumped. I won't say it was easy cause the first one hurt like an SOB and I cried a LOT at first (and leaked a bunch), but it all worked out okay and was worth working through. The 2nd and 3rd were a breeze - no pain, no leaking. So... I hope it does work out like she says. I think it's a matter of determination and a whole lot of luck (no matter what they say, some people just aren't built for it).

Luck Mellie! :)

LizzieDaisy said...

ps Your sister is gorgeous!! What a beautiful wedding...

ThursdayNext said...

Cheers to you, the soon-to-be Aunt! A fresh new baby on the way; the essence of life.

Baby Jack was too small to breastfeed, so he got the bottle almost immediately.

Congratulations to you and your family, Christie!

Wethyb said...

What a doll she is!

Yes, I cracked, hurt, cried....A LOT! I did get used to it but those first few weeks were hell! Good luck to her :)

Lori said...

Personally I like the binky better as eventually you can take that away. I'm still trying to get my 7 yo off his thumbsucking.

Anonymous said...

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