Friday, June 23, 2006

SELLING SELLING.....OR MAYBE NOT realtor wants me to give my house away! I'm soooooo frustrated, sad, and basically unglued. I live in a beautiful house. We worked our asses off getting it together. It wasn't shabby. It just needed some fresh paint, decluttering, and "STAGING!"

I feel so shitty about it all. What now?! I think I'll just really just do a "For Sale By Owner!" Houses in my neighborhood are why not? Ugh!

So, that's where I've been. Busy as a bee, only to find out that someone would want me to give it away. Crazy.

Ok chickies...Thinking of you guys.

PS...Thanks Lizzie for the fabulous idea of the FSBO.



Anonymous said...

FSBO is a great way to go when you want to keep as much of the profit as you can :)
There is a great website that I am using to sell a rental house of mine called that allows you to list on their site and it has given me a ton of traffic.
Good Luck!!

ThursdayNext said...

realtors suck! sell it on your own if you can. :)

The Kept Woman said...

I know the feeling.

We bought our house in Austin and sunk over $20K into it in a year and then unexpectedly picked up to move to WI.

We sold it for just about the same amount we mought it for. Talk about sucking.

Jewl said...

Good luck, I know moves are stressful. I hope it gets easier for you.

HomeUser said...

I found a great site for FSBO/FRBO/VRBO, or just people who prefer to handle business transactions themselves. If your in search for real estate or rental property forms, or any legal form/documents for that matter, just go to

Peanutt said...

Good luck!!! And hope it goes smoothly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dottie said...

I'm a Realtor and don't normally tell someone to sell it themselves (not great for business, LOL) but an agent shouldn't set the price for you, only advise of market value for your area. Sell it yourself if you don't feel comfortable with what she is telling you. If you don't find that FSBO works for you, you can always find another agent. I'll be happy to lend an ear if you need to bounce ideas off of someone. :) Good luck with a quick sale!

Anonymous said...

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