Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adele = Joy

Sometimes it takes someone to put a song together with words that just move you to tears, in order to have the best cleansing cry to lighten the soul. If Adele's Someone Like You doesn't touch your heart, then I wish for something else deep to get to that place for you.

To imagine life without love, children, dogs, chaos, craziness, lonliness, madness, or even tranquility would not be possible for me. I've felt it all and been through it all at different points throughout my 40 years, sorry 41 years on this mighty planet. It's through the crap, muck, and good stuff that has let me get to the great stuff. Learning to appreciate it all and letting go ...well that's when the good part happens.

I sound like a Hallmark Card. LOL. It's a moment in time right now when the fingers are doing the work of the brain and heart, as one. xoxoxo, C

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