Saturday, September 03, 2011

From Toddlers to Lucky

Let's begin midmorning, because the early morning is almost to long ago to remember. I'm still having a cup of coffee 6 hours after being up for the day.

I've come to the person that weekends are not for sleep. I may have gotten through the sleepless nights with babies, potty training, toddler years and the sixteen year old eye rolling, only to have a "Special Delivery" find me on the Fourth of July! I'd call it a present, born on the Fourth of July, or how about the LUCKIEST DAMN DOG ever to walk up to a screened in pool porch! Said dog would be Lucky! So, what did we name that 7 lb puppy? His name is Lucky! Yep, Lucky! I do well with my little Shih Tzu, Mocha. Lucky is quite the learning curve for this mommy.

LOL...When the vet told me not to worry he's not going to be 150 lbs, he'll probably only get to 100 or 125 lbs, I felt better. LOL...Do you hear the sarcasm. Potty training a big deal with a baby Huey puppy. Trust me on this one. Trust me. Life is good, though. I guess I needed to learn a little more patience! :) Oh, I'm learning. Love You Lucky Little! You might be a little PITA (pain in the ass) but you're our special delivery!

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