Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's 2010! Happy New Year!!!!!!

How amazing to wake up on a wonderful New Year Saturday morning! We rang it in with Star Trek, Chinese, and some seriously full bellies. Was it a full moon? It felt like it, because no one in the family slept well.

Playing off the no sleep from New Year's Eve, I thought we'd be going to bed earlier. What happened you may ask? We popped on Julie and Julia and I'm still awake. WTF? What a great movie. I didn't think anyone else was going to enjoy. By the end of the movie I was inspired to pull out our vintage, first edition, Mastering French Cooking and pick a recipe to try and also dive into my blogging even more.

Face Book makes it so easy to cheat my much beloved Wonderful World of Christie. :)

Happy New Year friends...

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