Sunday, January 03, 2010

Keurig For Me

It's official. I am no longer the drinker of "Granny Coffee." Granny Coffee is the warmed up left over coffee from the morning. It's been easier to do that than to make a fresh pot when all I need is one good jolt of java!

Say hello to my new Keurig. It really does make a good cup of coffee and fast! I need to buy more of the Italian blends. So..if you're the drinker of Granny Coffee like I have been, this little marvel can do wonders for the taste buds.

What do you use for the afternoon cup?

I was about to click publish and catastrophe hits with a huge crash upstairs. It was a lamp next to the bed that was knocked off the table. Oh was one of the new swirled eco friend bulbs. broke. I know there's something about them being hazardous material, but here's the thing. If we're supposed to change to the eco bulbs..didn't anyone think that breaking one would eventually happen? How many bulbs have you ever broken? I have dropped, smashed, and dropped a few more than my fair share. So what do I do now? I swept up the pieces,vacuumed them up, and now will empty the vacuum. It was a bulb...not hazardous waste. Ugh. I'm perplexed now.
I'm sure we'll live.

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