Saturday, October 14, 2006


Just wait...your time is coming, too.

I'm not Thaaaat old, yet. LOL. Oh just wait. We're doing the how old will you be when games. So very good for my soul.

Let's see...
Another soccer game and this mom screwed up the oranges at halftime. Yep. I did apples and was quickly told how soooooo not ok that was for many reasons. I managed the after game snack and give me a break. I tried.

Next, why do some parents get so f-ing crazy at under 7 league soccer games? I'm clueless. Ugh. It's rather disgusting.

I'm watching The Last Samurai right now. I've never seen it and I love it! Love it!

Happy Birthday to you...

Hmmmm....The Home Sweet Home Yankee Candle is what is lit in my living room right now. Yumm.



Dottie said...

You managed the after game stuff so Good Job!!

Just wait, the ugliness by some of the parent's gets even worse. It is INSANE! Wait until your kid gets taken out(hurt) on the field by one of those agressive parent's agressive child and the agressive parent applauds. Yep, where you might not normally be the a.. kicking type, it'll make you wish you were. LOL

I love that candle. I did some candle shopping today and can't wait to use mine tomorrow. :) YUM

dakotablueeyes said...

I don't get it either at soccer games when parents go nuts at that younger age, in our league they don't even keep score they are so young. Now we parents do get riled up when say another kid on the other team pushes our kids down on purpose more than once per game and the coaches do nothing

ThoughtsGalore said...

I just love to watch them and wish some of the parents would sit back and enjoy it, too.

My boy was called a "Jerk" and punched...ON THE FIELD! Where was that parent?