Friday, October 27, 2006

Do you go all out for Halloween?

Halloween parties are this weekend. I totally let the kids dress up, but I just don't go all out for the costumes. I used yes...child 1! If you have more than one know what I mean.

This year we will have a baby, spiderman, and yes an 80s girl. HOly crap...has enough time passed that kids think it's a great idea? to dress up like those crazy looking 80s girls? Wow. My daughter came in and told me in the old days..back in the 80s (gulp)the girls were so into making their butts look big! Excuse me!!!!!! Oh yeah! According to my 12 year old...we loved pants high up around our waists and that's how we had big butts. No wonder, she pondered, there was a big butts song! LOL...yeah really funny. Ugh!

"Hey Mommy...I'm going up to your closet for some 80s ideas!" The miss priss cackled.

Joy! She brang down this sweater (that i actually like) and put on with her black leggings. She just needed some shoulder pads and we'll rat the hair with a little (lot) hair spray. LOL. So there you go...I'm from the Old Days!

Off to get some things together for her Oldtimer outfit!


Jewl said...

Oh geshhh.. Here's another one to make you feel all old... The Marines that are coming into day were born in the 80's and in some cases I actually am old enough to be there Mother... Now, that requires a big o'l gulp of "Holy Shit"!

The Kept Woman said...

My kids wear what I tell them too...I know that this won't last forever but for now I can dress them how I want to...which means whatever is easiest!

LOVE the Christmas music!

Choppzs said...

I know how you feel! Girly Girl wants to be a punk rocker this year too! She is wearing some of her old jeans, we ripped the knees, and she drew all over them with markers and paints (a big old peace sign is on one leg! lol) then she is wearing a jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up and her hair will be teased up too! She also said she wants to wear dark blue eyeshadow and eyeliner! Crazy! But it's easy and fun, and I can totally go crazy on her hair! lol

Dottie said...

LOL! Your not alone as an old lady from the 80's :) We WILL have the last laugh b/c if you've noticed, those styles are coming back and hair is slowly getting bigger! :)

Cat said...

LOL too cute! I wish I had a girl to help dress up! I think I dressed cool then! but have no desire to dress that way again! LOL

Take care girl!

dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Halloween!