Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Believe Pink Miracles

Passion is something that I have for what I'm growing every single day. I'm just going to put it out there and let it be known how my Mary Kay business has changed my life.
I always laughed when I thought about being a Mary Kay Lady! Now, I relish in the wonderment that has become of my world.

My income is 13 thousand more, since August, that it has been in years and years. I'm telling you this because WHO KNEW I could accomplish such a thing as a stay at home mom and wife. By growing my team, I'm now earning small commissions. The greatest part of it all .... the women I meet. It's incredible. I'm still learning this business and I will be all every single day.

I do know this for sure, though. Surrounding myself with great amazing women is only making me a better business woman, wife, and mom. It's an amazing feeling. So, when I get on my Facebook or Blog and ask if you want to join, it's because my life has been changed forever.

I believe that my hard work has led to some amazing MIRACLES.


Liza said...

If I wore makeup (or even knew how to apply it) I would totally buy mary kay. I've heard it's pretty much the best there is. Until then I will just look all natural and crazy :D ROFL!! Come to Michigan and teach me how to put on makeup and what to buy and I will buy from you!! <3

Christie E. Little said...

Liza..LOL....It's cleaning your skin and washing your face silly!But I totally get it! You are beautiful! You don't need the make up. I have built my business totally on skin care. I do have personal users, part time which makes like 4 hours, or anything people make out of it.No pressure, but I wanted you to know that is the number one response I get from people. You are awesome and let's keep on blogging!