Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coffee, Crock Pot, Business Buiding, and Getting Ready Early!!!!!!

I make a killer yummy cup of coffee. My morning has begun with questions of what's for dinner tonight and I have a Crock-Pot for that tonight. I'm building my business one face and person at time, so I'm Face Ready, and it's only 7 AM!

Let me tick these off one at a time for you.

1. I have homemade Starbucks' coffee every single day and save a bundle, but wake up to a morning of yummy Java!
2. My weeknights can be amazingly busy, like all of you. On certain nights we have tutoring and swimming for the kids. On those nights I'm out at 4 and need to have dinner going for the family at home. That's when the fabulous Crock-Pot comes in handy for the busy parent! Get one if you don't have one.Tonight is a chicken night and it will make it easy to pull it together for tonight.
3. Selling Skin Care and Cosmetics mean that I need to pull myself together in the mornings. This is a true wonder, though, because it does two things. It makes me customer ready, if I need to run out for an order or interview and on the other hand, it boosts my activity in everything around the house and in my business. I'm ready to go!
4. Finally, I get it moving every single day EARLY! I am part of the 5 o'clock club. That's 5AM in the morning. Get up early and get something done early before anyone is asking you a ton of questions. Maybe you can get an hour of work done, uninterrupted. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Watch the news or read the paper. Maybe you can meditate. Do something and work for yourself!

Now that was my morning. It's 8:38 and I'm ready to post my first post of 2015! Love it!
Until Next Time, Friends!

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