Thursday, April 18, 2013

Once Upon I Time I Took It The Wrong Way....

Once upon a time there was a girl in college, in Arizona, on a pay phone. I just aged the girl. She was talking to another girl,a friend since Girl Scout Brownies, in the far away land of California. She was me and I was alone. My moment was dire. She didn't know that, of course not, but she said some profound words to me. You should write a book. Friend, I hope you are proud of it, when this one is finished. I have taken an entirely new approach to this manuscript. Miss Priss, my other friend in the land of sand and beach, you were the antecedent of the original pay phone call :), so I can attribute the love of this to you, too. xoxo

I wasn't in a good place all those years ago and took those words the wrong way, or hey they were taken the right way. My friend may not even remember making them to me, at that moment. Whatever it was in her voice, those words stayed with me for 22 years. 

When words need to be said, then say them. If your heart is heavy, then share it with someone. Words need to be said sometimes and for sanity's sake SAY THEM! It's hard. Days and nights may even be more or even sleepless, due to words. Those few words may change your life. I'm not talking about my friend's writing a book comment, either.

Love and Peace Friends....

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