Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February ...Really?...No Really? LOL

I have no idea how it's already February 1, 2011! Ok, well here I go for a 365 day blitz! I'm going to start nice and easy for today. My Little Miss is officially sixteen! I have no idea how this has ocurred, but we're just going with it and not asking any questions. :) This Thursday I will be taking her to get her Driver's Permit!  This is when it's perfectly to say HOLY CRAP! My sweet little baby will be driving. Wow. Life happens and we must go along with it, but sometimes I wish I could slow it down and soak it up even more. Aaaaahhhhh. :)

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Dottie said...

She has grown up to be such a pretty young lady. I can't believe she is 16. My Morgan is graduating in May!!! :( I know you are a proud Momma!