Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Feeling It

Totally feeling the whole "Julie McCoy, Cruise Director" vibe right now. I just need a clip board, name tag, and a nice big ship would be awesome! I'll have Issac make me a Christietini at 5!

I'll have a summer full of 6AM wake ups for the swim teamers and that's enough to get any mama going!


Kc said...

Love you my person! I so need your strength here. I dont think I will make it through the summer with these three. I am "dog tired" from growling all day and all I want to do is cry because I yelled at my percious babies so much! I feel horrible now that they are all sleeping soundly! I miss you and wish you were right out my back door with a glass of wine and your sweet smile...Love you!!!!!!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

I love you right back. I miss you and need a glass of wine and your sweet smile. Sooo miss you. xoxoxo