Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Got Over It!

Wow! What a feeling I had today. Initially I started to push my daughter towards a sport she was getting excited about joining. Then she came down to me and in tears she told me she was too old to begin a new sport, like swimming. This is my oldest and she's not on the swim team, like the other two kids. I began to feel like I failed my daughter and didn't work hard enough to get her involved in sports earlier. Was she the child that had 17 surgeries and left with a little kidney that can? Yes. She is amazing. I guess I protected her during the early years. Her medicines just make her so susceptible to the sun. She's an academically amazing student. The years have gotten away from me and all of a sudden I woke up and she is 15. So, things are what they are and now I'll just allow her to tryout for cheer again. In Virginia she was a cheerleader and just loved it so much. We moved here, to Tampa, to late for her to get involved with Cheer or tryout for her Freshman year. Sigh.

I'm now over feeling like a failure. It isn't about me. She is going to begin a new journey on Monday with trying out for a competitive team and I have so much confidence in her! Let the fun begin! Also, let the next few years go by very slowly.

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