Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Sweet Toshi...I'm Sorry!

Friends Friends Friends....and even those that are not Friends, I have advice! Always Always Always back up your files on your computer! That's right. I have lost everything on my Toshi. I could care less about all the written stuff. I do have CDs with that info. Important spread sheets are "backed up," of course, on another computer! It's just my computer.

My sweet sweet Toshi crashed. She froze and wouldn't do anything but rotate between the safe mode screen and the welcome screen. Poor Toshi. She's been my sweet companion for a few years.

Toshi is the keeper of my secrets. She's able to take the abuse of my fevered fingers in anger. She loves the excitement and keeps up beautifully. My pictures have sat in there sweet files and ready when I needed them. I was the one not taking care of her. I should have given her some better "vaccines" or antivirus stuff that prevented her crashing. Poor Toshi.

I promise I will do a better job my sweet keeper of my thoughts, secrets, stories, and pictures of everything. :)

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